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Receiver 4Ch Rx62H V2 Brick Style DSMX DSM2
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lemon 7ch receiver


Modulation DSM2
Length 25mm
Width 25mm
Height 6.5mm
Weight 3.4 grams
Connector JST SH
Channels 4

This is the latest updated version of the popular Rx62H receiver. This V2 however doesn’t have the programming functionality of the V1 receiver, meaning that servo direction and swapping can’t be done through stick combinations. Instead, all servo direction and swapping needs to be done on a programmable transmitter.

Important Note: The original gears on this unit are not of high quality and can cause the servos to stick. MicronWings sells these receivers with upgraded, high quality pinion and spur gears as shown below and tests each receiver’s functionality.

Dual Ailerons can be attached to the sockets on the board.
The connectors are JST SH 1.0mm pitch.

Top View

Bottom View

Example wiring for a brushed motor setup.

Actual wiring for a brushed motor setup.

Motor connection pads for brushed motors. For direct drive motors with black and white wires, connect as shown here. For geardrive motors which have red and blue wires the blue wire attaches where the black wire is on the image below.

Example wiring for a brushless motor setup.

Actual wiring example for a brushless motor setup.


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