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Receiver ADMX DSM2 Compatible Linear 4Ch Brick (With Onboard Linear Servos)
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Product Name ADMX Brick
Band DSM2
Weight 2.59 grams
Length 24.6mm
Width 17mm
Height 7.75mm
Connector Molex 2 Pin
Channels 4 Ch
Onboard ESC Brushed 3A
External ESC Capable

manual Manual

The ADMX 4 ch brick is an all in one receiver and servo unit – a perfect plug and play solution for micro airplanes. It works with any DSM2 compatible transmitter. The battery connector is a standard Molex 2 pin.

At just 2.59 grams (with battery wires) this unit is much lighter and more compact than the similar AR6400. The unit can be programmed for v-tail mixing and the onboard linear servos can be swapped as well simply by programming the unit. Another handy feature is that the unit can be programmed so the aileron stick moves the rudder linear servo on the unit.

The unit comes with an on-board 3A brushed ESC as well as options for an external brushless ESC to be soldered to contacts underneath the board. An aileron servo can also be soldered onto the contact pads underneath.

Please note: Connecting external ESC units and aileron servos requires soldering and you will need to have experience in micro soldering as well as a fine tip soldering iron. This unit is suitable for experienced model builders who are looking for a lighter weight alternative to the AR6400.

A short video showing the unit with motors and aileron servo attached.


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