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Receiver LM 6ch LGT DSM2 Compatable with JST SH
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AEO GPS-6 6mm Geardrive Gearbox


Modulation DSM2
Band 2.4GHz
Weight 1.82 grams
Length 26mm
Width 18mm
Height 5.2mm
Voltage 3.45-10.2 V
Type Servo
Connector JST SH
Channels 6
Onboard ESC None
External ESC Capable

Manual Downlaod

This is a great light weight receiver at just 1.82 grams and full range as well. The connectors are JST SH connectors making this a perfect unit for running the BlueArrow S02512 servos which have the same connector, or even most linear servos. It also has a handy bind button instead of a bund plug, which makes binding a snap.
Please note, you’ll need an external brushed or brushless ESC as this unit does not have an ESC onboard.

This receiver has JST SH connectors and is plug and play with BlueArrow servos

Wiring - As shown at the front of the receiver near the bind button

Binding Process
1) Press and hold the button at the edge of the receiver.
2) Power on the receiver.
3) Turn on the transmitter in binding mode.
4) When solid LED light appears on the receiver, binding is completed.
Turn off the receiver and perform flight check prior to flying.

This receiver is plug and play with the following servos.


BlueArrow S02512 5320 or 5330 SH Servos  
Origin Mi-LSM1300S Origin Mi-LSM1800L  

Use an "Adapter JST ZH to JST SH Reverse" lead to run a BlueArrow D03010 or S2515 servo.

The image below shows the correct wire order for the servo ports. Please ensure that your wire order is the same as shown in the image below. On the right is a servo connected and on the left, the power is being supplied to the Aux port. The signal wire has been removed.

To remove the signal wire from the connector use a pin to lever up the plastic retaining tab and pull the signal wire out. This same proceedure can be used to rearrange the wires in the plug to make the correct wire order if needed.


1The ESC Brushed Micro 1S3A can be used to run a brushed motor with this receiver. (Link)







Price: $26.50


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