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Receiver LM 6ch LGT DSM2 Compatable Bare Board
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AEO GPS-6 6mm Geardrive Gearbox


Modulation DSM2
Band 2.4GHz
Weight 1.4 grams
Length 26mm
Width 19mm
Height 4.4mm
Voltage 3.45-10.2 V
Type Servo
Connector none
Channels 6
Onboard ESC None
External ESC Capable

Manual Downlaod

This is a great light weight receiver at just 1.4 grams thanks to the removal of the connectors. Use it to solder servo wires direct to the board to save weight. It also has a handy bind button instead of a bund plug, which makes binding a snap.
Please note, you’ll need an external brushed or brushless ESC as this unit does not have an ESC onboard.

This receiver has no connectors to keep the weight down. Below is an example
of a possible wiring configuration with a linear servo and brushless ESC.

An Example of the above setup running

Wiring - As shown at the back of the receiver

1) Press and hold the button at the edge of the receiver.
2) Power on the receiver.
3) Turn on the transmitter in binding mode.
4) When solid LED light appears on the receiver, binding is completed.
Turn off the receiver and perform flight check prior to flying.





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