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Receiver Origin Mi-RX52S
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lemon 7ch receiver


Brand Origin RC
Compatibility DSM2
Length 10.5mm
Width 9.5mm
Height 2.5mm
Voltage 3.3 - 5.0v
Weight 0.28 grams

manual Manual

The MI-Rx52S is a DSM2 Compatible 5 channel micro receiver for servos. It’s light weight makes it perfect for the professional builder who wants to save weight and yet still have the full functionality of a servo based system with the additional advantage of having a 5th channel.

This receiver has no onboard brushed ESC so the signal from the throttle pad needs to be used to power an external brushless ESC. The board also has signal output only, so positive and negative power for servos needs to be taken directly from the power supply.

Example Wiring Diagram


The ESC Brushed Micro 1S3A can be used to run a brushed motor with this receiver. (Link)




Motor wire is just 0.35mm in diameter and wire core is the perfect size for the pos and neg holes in the pads on this receiver.
Product Link
motor wire
Motor Wire Set



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Now: $29.00
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