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Screws M1.0 x 3mm Self Tapping I-Head Phillips
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Length 3.0mm
Diameter M1.0 (1.0mm)
Thread Self Tapping
Head I-head
Socket Phillips
# in Pack 10 units



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Information about screw and thread types
Screw heads are classified according to their shape as outlined above.
The most common type of head is the Pan-head. Flat-head screws usually require countersinking and sit flush with the surface, while the I-head screw has flush surfaces on both the top and bottom of the head. These low-profile screws are perfect for surfaces too thin for countersinking and where clearance is needed above.

Screw threads are classified as either machine thread or self tapping.
Machine threads (left) are finer and used for securing with nuts under the surface or screwing into metal surfaces with threaded holes.
Self Tapping threads (right) are more course and are used to secure into softer surfaces where the screw thread can bite into the surface.