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Durobatics Sheets

White Durobatics Sheets spaceBlack Durobatics Sheets

1mm White (33cm x 30cm)
Weight per sheet: 5.77 grams
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Out of stock

  1mm Black (33cm x 30cm)
Weight per sheet: 6.72 grams
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0.5mm White (33cm x 30cm)
Weight per sheet: 3.87 grams
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Out of stock
  0.5mm Black (33cm x 30cm)
Weight per sheet: 4.62 grams
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Out of stock
Durobatics Stock: Durabatics is now out of production. We are currently searching for a similar replacement for this product and will update this page if a suitable product is found.

What is Durobatics Foam?

Durobatics foam sheet is the ideal material for constructing really lightweight flying models. Use it in flat plate form to build a profile model or rolled and formed to create aerofoils and 3D shapes. It is much lighter than depron and it's stronger per gram and more flexible too! foam is the ultimate light-weight building material for micro R/C model aircraft. Yes, it's a bit pricey, but it enables you to build the lightest, strongest and most beautiful micro models.

Postage Information
MicronWings sends Durobatics
sheets securely packed in
thick cardboard boxes.
The sheets of Durobatics
are wrapped in protective
padded foam sheets
Bubble wrap is used to to
ensure the foam does not
move in transit
Rigid cardboard boxes are used and taped on all seams to give extra strength

Overview video for Durobatics
This video shows waht the product looks like and how it handles. It can be bent but it is still stronge and rigid. All this with only the thickness of a sheet of paper. You can also feed it through a printer and print on it if you have a printer which is able to print on card.

Some examples of what model builders are doing with Durobatics

duro04 Page Link - http://www.westknoxrc.com/index.php?topic=530.0
This build thread by WestKnoxRC by user "ShagRug" shows a step by step build of a Peanut scale biplane which uses an AR 6400 rx set. The total weight is about 25g.

duro03Page Link -
http://www.eprcp.com/massproduct/nano_aito.html (Japanese Language)
This page on the EPRC website in japan shows a printed durobatics sheet and how DONUTS-MODELS nano Aïto was build. Even if you can't read Japanese just have a scroll down the page and look at some of the material specs numbers.

duro01Page Link -
The user "MeatBomber" on the Zealot Forum has made thsi great DC3 out of Durobatics foam - wiha a Wingspann of 63cm, weight 35g and wingload of only 6,5g/dm² what a great achievement

duro02Page Link - http://pease1.sr.unh.edu/aew/rc/Kyosho_E-III/

Al from "Al's Electric R/C Flying Page" has made this fantastic Micro Fokker E-III which he has covered with Durobatics foam. He's even put some videos up for everyone to see as well.