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ESC Units

ESC Units (2.5 - 4 Amp)
ESC 1S ESC Micro 3A
3A Continuous 4A Burst
0.54 grams
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mx-3a ESC Micro MX-3A
Bare MX-3A
Light weight and ready for your custom wiring configuration
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The XP3A is a 3Amp ESC unit for brushless motors using 1s Li-po battery packs. It is fully programmable and weighs from 0.7grams to 1.2grams depending on connector configuration.
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  ESC Units 5-7Amps
xp-7a XP-7A Brushless ESC
ESC for 1S or 2S operation. Programmable with safety functions.
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Brushed ESC Units
1 ESC Brushed Micro 1S 3A
A very light weight 3Amp brushed ESC unit for 1S applications.
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ESC 1S 4A ESC Brushed Micro 1S 4A
Length: 20mm
Width: 8mm
Voltage: 2.8 - 5.5V
Amps: 4Amps

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ESC 1S 4A ESC Brushed 1S 20A
Length: 22mm
Width: 10mm
Voltage: 1S (3.7V)
Amps: 20Amps

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ESC 1S 4A ESC Brushed 1S 6A
Length: 12mm
Width: 7.7mm
Voltage: 1S (3.7V)
Amps: 6Amps

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ESC Brushed Micro 1-2S 2A
Power: 1-2S (3.7v - 7.4v)
* Pre-wired
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8a brushed esc ESC Brushed Micro 1S 10A
Length: 26.5mm
Width: 16mm
Voltage: 3.3 volts
Amps: 10Amp

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