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Micro FPV (This section will feature new products mid 2019)

FPV Systems
PFV antenna with IPX connector FPV Antenna Mini 5.8GHz
3 Leaf RHCP

Weight: 2.35 grams
Height: 41mm
Connector: IPX
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FPV Antenna Wicks 50mm
Weight: 0.35 grams
Length: 50mm
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FPV Antenna Micro 5.8G 3db
Weight: 0.98 grams each
Length: 95mm
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FPV Camera High Res HD 650TVL
Weight: 2.57 grams
Format: 650TVL (1280 x 960)
Voltage: 3.3 - 5 volts
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FPV Camera Super LightWeight 600TVL
Weight: 1.66 grams
Format: 600TVL (728 x 488)
Voltage: 3.3 - 5 volts
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FPV Camera Switcher
Weight: 0.9 grams
2 Camera line in - one line out
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FPV Power Filter 0.7A
Weight: 1.64 grams
Voltage: Up to 14 Volts
Ampage Rating: Up to 7 Amps
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FPV UBEC 5Volt Out 3A 2-6S
Weight: 1.6 grams
Voltage: Up to 6S
Ampage Rating: Up to 3 Amps
Output: 5 Volts constant
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