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Microaces kits are a radical departure from traditional methods of radio controlled scale model construction. With the development of a new type of covering material and a novel method of assembly these model aircraft are now available in a brand new type of micro profile-scale kit that is affordable, easy to put together, a joy to fly and look like no other micro scale aircraft currently available.

MicroAces Models

The Microaces kit is something truly new to the RC hobby market. Using a different approach to construction where success for the modeller is the highest priority, the Microaces kit employs unique materials, innovative components and a comprehensive step by step construction guide to ensure that a flying replica of historic significance is the end result.

Microaces are very different to a Ready-to-Fly models in the fact that the assembly of the aircraft provides an incredible amount of value and entertainment well before it has ever taken to the skies. And the process of constructing a flying replica of an historic aircraft from basic components, takes the thrill and satisfaction of flying that aircraft to the next level.

Aviation has to be one of the most inspiring and popular topics when researching modern history. The inventors and aviators, accomplishments and disasters, aircraft types and technological advancement, all contribute to its appeal. Microaces kits explore the history behind each aircraft, the pilot, the period and the circumstances surrounding their very existence. We hope this enriches the experience of owning and building a Microaces kit. So when you pop out that first piece of Depron you are truely making history.

With a Microaces kit you will discover a new, easier and yet more fulfilling way to kit build. Using advanced materials, new techniques and just a smattering of innovation, each aircraft assembles quickly and easily into a profile scale aircraft with more detail and scale appearance than model aircraft many times larger. The kit includes components that not only make structural assembly easier but also provide a way to own multiple aircraft without having to repeatedly invest in the more expensive components that are required to get airborne. Every kit also includes a clear, step by step illustrated assembly manual so you can confidently build a scale model that will fly as well as it looks.

Good ideas and simplicity have been applied to Microaces kits. Designed to provide maximum enjoyment for minimum cost, components such as the motor mount allow you to remove the brushless motor without disassembling the fuselage and the receiver clip provides a way of sharing your electronics cleanly and quickly rather than buying new for each aircraft or having to wait for a donor plane. But the show stopper is the material developed specifically for covering the aircraft. Not only is it a lightweight, self adhesive film adding incredible resilience to the airframe, but it also provides the 'down-to-the-rivet' detail on the model. It is this covering that fundamentally changes the way a Microaces kit assembles and, coupled with its versatility, makes it a groundbreaking addition to the world of model aviation.

All Microaces Standard Kits come with all the parts required to build the complete airframe. The Deluxe Kit also includes the brushless motor and electronic speed controller. All you need to add is the Spektrum AR6400 or AR6400L receiver and your DSM2 compatible transmitter and you're up and flying! In the box you will find precisely cut Depron Aero airframe parts, carbon fibre wing, fuselage and elevator spars, 1.7g rotary aileron servo, all control horns, mounts and clips, axles and caps, GWS propeller, scale foam spinner and adapter, pre bent wireforms for undercarriage and control surface linkages PLUS a complete set of peelable hi-res printed stickers and a fully illustrated assembly manual. Enjoy!