Biometal Servo R1The BioMetal "Musclewire" RC-M1 is the latest version of the servo actuator based on "SmartServo Technology". The RC-1 is micro and super light because it does not have any motor, voice coil and piezoelectric element. BioMetal Fiber is an advancement of shape memory "musclewire" that has been developed by TOKI Japan. Contractile BioMetal Fiber provides the motion on this innovative servo and it does not cause vibration, mechanical noise, or electromagnetic noise. It is driven with the signal and power supply of a standard digital proportional receiver unit.

The actuator element of the RC-1 is a metallic artificial muscle fiber, (BioMetal Fiber, BMF). This is a specialist servo for the indoor and small model market. The RC 1 comes with a JST connector and can be connected to the small plugs used with the likes of the 1.1gram Plantraco 900 Receiver. The servo gives a 30 degree proportional movement and is the smallest servo of its type manufactured. It is lightweight and has good torque.

See our Micro PoleCat build thread for an example of
these servosbeing used in a plane.

Brief Specifications
Weight 0.8g - 1.1g (with JST connector)
Output Torque 15 gm-cm
Current Draw 30mA - 80mA(max)
Length 38mm
Width 9mm
Thickness 3mm
Wire length 140mm
Connector : None
Included Accessories:

  • Extra output arms
  • mounting tape
  • 2x arm screws

Note: These servo do not come with a connector. You must solder your own connector to them.


Biometal Servo Weight


MicronWings Review
For micro modelling you can't go past this fantastic wonder. At 1.1grams including the JST connector it's still much lighter than a linear actuator and has more swing and force as well. Another advantage is the T bar arm which for aleron connections means you don't need an additional bell crank as is used in many park fliers using linear servos. The speed of full stick throw is also quite impressive and will keep even the most avid 3D pilot quite happy. Mounting is easy with double sided monuting tape.

In summary, we reccomend using this servo over linear servos for all applications where there is enough space to cater for the 38mm length. The only application where we would suggest using a linear servo over the BioMetal servo is where space is limited or weight is not a great concern. This servo is more expensive than linear models but the quality and functioanlity is unmatched.

Biometal servo Contents
(1) Smart Servo RC-1 1 Qty
(2) Double Side Tape 7mm×10cm
(3) Spare Servo Horns 2 Qty
Spare Screws (M1) 2 Qty
(4) Instruction Manual 1 Qty
(5) Dimensions of the Package (W*D*H) 90×140×12 (mm)
Weghit of the Packaging About 14g