Biometal Servo Specifications Dimensions and Operating Limits
Dimensions 38 × 9 × 3 (mm)
Weight (except a horn, a connector and cables, includes BMF60 2mg)
Materials Body; ABS, built in parts and horn ; POM, PC boad ; Lead-free solder
Input Line 3 wire type; power supply (red +, black -), signal (white)
Torque approx.15gCm
Operational Angle 30 degrees, right and left each side
Control Signal positive PWM signal of 1.5ms ± 0.5ms in every 20ms
Power Supply Voltage 3~5V
Max. Current Consumption 80mA, 0.3W (at right or left end point @ 4.8V)
Average Current Consumption 30mA、0.15W (at 5V 20degrees (Celsius)
Operating Temperature 0-40 degrees (Celsius)

Instructions and Manual
Download the manual for more details information on this product. Click on the image to the left to download as PDF.

Biometal Servo breakdown Inside Pull Appart