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Servo BioMetal RC-1M
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Linear Servo 1.7grams


Weight 0.9 grams
Length 38.0mm
width 9.0mm
Height 5.3mm (overall)
Torque 15 gm-cm
Current 30 - 80Ma
Voltage 3.7 - 4.8V

The BioMetal "Musclewire" RC-M1 is the latest version of the servo actuator based on "SmartServo Technology". The RC-1 is micro and super light because it does not have a motor and gear system and therefore does not also require a servo pot. Instead, the smooth proportional action of moving the arm is controlled by Biowire (Muscle Wire). Contractile BioMetal Fiber provides the motion on this unit and this does not cause vibration, mechanical noise, or electromagnetic noise.

It is driven by the signal and power supply of a standard digital proportional servo based receiver unit (3.7 - 4.8 volt). So and receiver which can drive a standard linear servo or micro servo can also drive this servo.

This is a specialist servo for the indoor and small model market. The RC 1M comes with no connector so you can solder on whatever connector suits your particular setup or solder the wires directly to your preferred receiver board.


Instructions and Manual
Download the manual for more details information on this product. Click on the image to the left to download as PDF.








Price: $89.20


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