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Servo 5320 Black SH
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Linear Servo 1.7grams


Type Digital
Torque 0.06Kg/2.5V
Speed 0.06s/60 ° 2.8V
0.05s/60 ° 3.7V
Length 13.5mm
Width 6.2mm
Height 16.0mm
Weight 1.87grams with lead and plug
Voltage 3.7 - 4.8V

This version of the reliable 5320 servo comes with a JST SH 1.0mm pitch connector making it simply plug and play with the following receivers.

5320 servo Note: This product is also available in white.
Choose any of the receivers below for a plug n play solution.
Receiver 4Ch DSMX With 2A ESC
4 Channel
DSMX Compatible
Onboard 2A Brushed ESC
Brushless ESC Capable

Weight: 1.37grams
DelTang Rx33
4 Channel
DSM2 Compatible
Onboard 2A Brushed ESC
Brushless ESC Capable
Weight: 0.61grams
Receiver LM 6ch LGT DSM2 Compatable with JST SH
4 Channel
DSM2 Compatible
No Onboard Brushed ESC
Brushless ESC Capable
Weight: 1.82grams


Price: $ 12.90
All prices in AUD
MicronWings is an
Australian business

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