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Servo 5320 White Molex
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Hobby King HK 5320 Servo


Type Digital
Torque 70grams
Speed 0.7 sec
Length 20mm
Width 6mm
Height 19mm
Weight 2.0grams with lead, plug, horn and screw
Voltage 2.8 - 4.2V

For small park flyers this 2 gram servo offers great value for money with the added advantage of having conventional servo arms. Unlike the linear servos, this conventional type of servo can easily be set up for aileron connection without the need for a bell crank. Torque is about on par with a standard linear servo.

The connector is aMolex Picoblade 1.25mm so if you intend using it with the DelTang Rx units you will need to swap the connector for a JST ZH 3 pin.

See an example of the HK 5320 servos in use in our FireFly build thread. Here the HK 5320 was used for their strenght and flexibility over linear servos. At 1.7 grams they're light weight and just perfect for this application.
Build Thread Link

Working speed: 0.06s / 60 ° 2.8V and 0.05s/60 ° 3.7V
Working Torque: 0.06Kg/2.5V and 0.075Kg/3.7V
Motor Type: High Speed ​​(4mm coreless motor )
Gears: plastic
Plug: Molex 1.25mm pitch
Operating voltage: 2.8V-4.2V
Note: Voltages greater than 4.2Vwill damage this servo.

A short video of the HK 5320 servos in use.



Price: $15.30


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