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Servo Linear - Micro with Bearings
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Servo Linear - Micro with Bearings


Type Analog
Application Ultra micro
Torque 2.8oz
Voltage 3.2 - 4.2V
Speed 0.14 sec/60°
Stroke 11 mm
Length 22.8mm
Width 16.5mm
Height 8.0mm
Weight 2.05grams
Connector JST SH 1mm
Gear Type Nylon

This servo's main feature is the 3mm ball raced bearing on the action shaft. This feature makes the action very smooth and more reliable. The stroke is also a little longer than standard linear servos. The overall weight is 2.05 grams, just 1/2 a gram heavier than most standard linear servos. It has a fast response and a high torque motor which makes this a good servo for Indoor or micro parkflyers. The plug type is JST SH 1.0mm pitch.

This servo can also be used with the following receivers. However, the wire order is not compatible and you will need to re-order the wires accordingly.
DelTang Rx33 with SH Connector
receiver Receiver LM 6ch LGT DSM2 Compatable with JST SH
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Price: $ 19.90


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