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Servo Linear Right
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Linear Servo 1.7grams


Type Analog
Application Ultra micro
Torque 2.8oz
Speed 0.14 sec
Length 21.0mm
Width 14.9mm
Height 11.8mm
Weight 1.7grams
Gear Type Nylon
Stroke 5mm
Voltage 3.2 - 4.2V

A light weight linear servo with inbuilt controller for 1S powered applications. Fast response and a high torque motor make this a good servo for Indoor 3D flight or micro parkflyers where weight is of the utmost importance.

Key Features
Weighing only 1.7 grams, this servo is incredibly lightweight and can be used with AR6400 and AR6400L receivers or with DelTang receivers which have molex plugs. However, for use with the DelTang receiver you will need to re-order the wires in the servo connector plug.

This servo is plug and play with the R415 Receiver
R415 Receiver


Price: $ 14.90


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Linear servos in use in our DeltaWing - see the build log here.