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Servo Mounting Tape
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Servo Mounting Tape


Width 9mm
Thickness >0.1mm

This double sided servo mounting tape is see through thin and super sticky. You only need a small strip to securely mount micro servos to an airframe. The images above also show it in use for securing a 4.9gram 260Mah battery to an airframe. The tape has enough adhesive force to secure this battery in aerobatic flight.

servo mounting tape


This is an example of a mounting block for a receiver unit (Dtrx35) cut to shape to fit on the back of a receiver. The cut out in the corner is to accommodate the FET on the back of the receiver. This block can then be attached to the plane using this fine Servo Mounting Tape and will allow the receiver unit to sit flush with the surface.
A look at the final installation of the DTRx35 receiver which is held in place with the servo mounting tape. The double sided mounting tape has been applied to both sides of the piece of foam so it sticks the foam to the fuselage and also to the receiver on the other side of the foam.


Price: $4.50

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