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Servo Mounts for 5320 and 5330 Servos
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Linear Servo 1.7grams


Material PlyWood
Thickness 1.3mm
Length 26.7mm
Width 9.8mm
Weight 0.11 grams
# in pack 8 Mounts

Using servo mounts can save you time and money. These servo mounts are glued to your airframe and instead of gluing servos to the airframe, you simply screw them to the mounts. This way, you can easily swap out and replace a broken servo and easily remove servos from a decommissioned airframe without having to remove glue from the servo.

Cut the tab attaching the servo mounts and remove from the sheet.
wooden servo mounts hk5320

You may need to use a needle or fine drill to open the holes a little.
wooden servo mounts hk5320

Opening the holes up is only necessary if using the machine thread screws supplied with the 5320 / 5330 servo (on left in image velow). We however suggest that you use self tapping M1.4 x 4mm Screws for best results (on right in image below).
wooden servo mounts hk5320

Place on airframe and mark out the servo hole which needs to be cut out of the airframe.
wooden servo mounts hk5320

Cut the servo hole out.
wooden servo mounts hk5320

Glue the servo mount to the airframe. UHU POR Expanded Polystyrene glue is good.
wooden servo mounts hk5320

Mount the servo
wooden servo mounts hk5320

Price: $4.80
(Pack of 8)


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