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Servo Set Linear Left Right for 2S
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Servo Linear - Micro with Bearings


Type Digital
Stroke 7mm
Weight 1.85 grams
Voltage 5.0 - 8.4Volts
Connector JST SH 1mm
Stroke 11 mm
Length 17.9mm
Width 14.9mm
Height 12.2mm

These linear servos are designed specifically for higher voltage operation. Note that these servos can not be used with 1S (3.7 volt) systems. They are ideally suited to systems operating on 2S (7.4 volts) or systems where the receiver is operating on the voltage from a BEC from the ESC as shown below.

In the example below a 2S capable receiver is being powered directly by a 2S battery passing through the 2S voltage to the linear servos. The battery is connected to the gear port on the receiver to power the receiver.

In this example, the receiver is being powered by a 5.5 volt BEC from the ESC unit (XP-7A ESC). The working voltage of the receiver and servos is 5.5 volts.


Price: $ 38.90


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