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TH2FS Rx Mount
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This receiver mount kit is designed to be used in combination with TH2FS Metal Standoffs Upgrade Kit linked below. It includes additional parts to allow a receiver (Tracer for example) to be mounted above the flight controller board. The size of the receiver cutout is 11.5 x 18.5mm. It's a perfect fit for a Tracer Nano Rx.

TH2FS Metal Standoffs Upgrade Kit Link

1. You will first need both this kit as well as the TH2FS Metal Standoffs Upgrade Kit. These kits must be installed together to adjust the height of the flight controller board. When installing both the metal stand-offs kit as well as this receiver mount kit, follow the instructions below as the proceedure is different to just installing the stand-off kit.

2. Install the 4 flight controller board mount screws as shown. Ensure that the two longer screws from this kit are used instead in the front and back, with the shorter screws on the sides. Secure a nut in place with locktight.

Mount the flight controller board and screw down a nut on top of the rubber. Secure with locktight. Note that you should already have soldered the wires from the receiver to the flight controller board before continuing.

Use the four brass stand-offs from the Metal Standoffs Upgrade Kit and screw them down tightly on top of the nuts front and back.

Ensure your receiver is already soldered to the flight controller board and has been tested. Shown here is a Tracer receiver which fits the cut-out in the board perfectly. Use the heat shrink as shown to secure it in place.

Secure the receiver mount on top of the brass stand-offs and tighten a screw on top. Secure this screw with locktight. Support the bottom of the board as you attach the antennas.






Price: $6.20


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