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Blenderm 1.25cm Hinge Tape
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Width 1.25cm
Length 5 meters
Brand Blenderm

Genuine 3M brand "Blenderm" surgical tape

About Blenderm:
Blenderm is the original 3M product used for Hinges on electric planes. this product is also sometimes also marketed as Du-Bro Hinge Tape but is essentially the same product. look for the 3M branding inside the roll. MicronWings only sells genuine 3M brand Blenderm surgical tape.

Use the full width of the tape to span across the hinge gap on larger electric planes with wingspans of 70cm or larger.

Use 2 to 3 half width small strips per wing on smaller "park flyer" size planes or us the 13mm width tape instead

Price: $10.30
(per roll)


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attaching rudder with blenderm hinge tapeattaching elevator with blenderm hinge tape An example of using Blenderm tape to secure tail surfaces. Note that the Blenderm tape has been cut in half down the middle and also only 2 or 3 pivoting points have been secured. On smaller models with linear or Biometal servos this allows the joint to remain flexible and puts minimum strain on the servo.


Cutting Blenderm Tape


Blenderm tape can be stuck to a smooth clean surface and then peeled off and re-stuck on to the control surface without losing its stickiness. You can see here that it has been stuck to a metal ruler and then it can be cut it with a hobby knife. You can then use the hobby knife to lift it off the ruler and place it on the surface as shown below. If cutting Blenderm with a knife use a sharp pointed one not a razor blade. Puncture it close to the metal ruler in the centre and cut to one edge then to the other.
Applying blenderm to a hinge A good idea is to pin the surfaces into place on a cutting board and that way you can set a constant space between the two surfaces. Of course this also stops it all from moving as you’re working. For most park flyers you only need a slice of blenderm about 5mm wide. Put 3 pieces on each wing and this should be more than adequate.