About MicronWings

About MicronWings

What is MicronWings:
MicronWings is dedicated to supporting and supplying components for micro RC aircraft builders. This section of the RC market which we support is quite specific and is made up of individuals and researchers who are passionate, dedicated and who are quite often working on building projects which are on the cutting edge of new technology. By focussing only on micro aircraft and parts we are able to bring together an in-depth range of related products for this particular field.

Based in Australia, our primary focus has been on the local Australian market, and now with Australia’s reliable and efficient international postage services we are supplying an ever expanding network of international customers in a range of countries.

Our focus and purpose is to step away from the popular “ready to fly” RC mindset and promote the pleasure and satisfaction of designing, experimenting and building. Through our product range, we offer enthusiasts, both young and old, the components they need to “build their dreams” and discover that the real enjoyment is in the journey of discovery and creation.

At MicronWings we bring together a product range targeted at the micro RC market and are particularly proud to offer a range of original components which you may not have seen anywhere else. …

MicronWings is a web based business trading through our website as well as on eBay. We are based in Australia and service both the Australian and International markets. Please feel free to contact us with any enquiries.

Location: Queensland – Australia

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A.B.N.: 39 546 891 081