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General Delays
As a result of COVID-19 there are some slight delays with international delivery from Australia. In most cases delays are minimal. Please see the specific information below.

Australian Domestic Orders
Orders sent within Australia are usually sent by express mail. No significant delays expected.

International Orders
Timeframes for delivery to most countries are slowly returning to normal.
International Postage Costs
Our standard postage cost is $12.50 AUD which covers Australian domestic postage and previously also covered Economy international postage. However, since covid-19, we can only send international orders by tracked / registered international postage. So after you order and pay the total including the standard $12.50 postage amount we will need to request an additional postage amount to cover tracked international postage. Examples of the additional amounts are as below.

- $10 AUD
Canada - $12 AUD
United Kingdom - $13 AUD
Europe - $14 AUD
Asia / Pacific - $7 AUD
South Korea - $35 AUD (Express Only)
New Zealand - $5 AUD

Current Delivery Times
Delivery estimates below are from international orders sent from May
USA - 20 to 30 days
Canada - 30 to 40 days
United Kingdom - 12 to 20 days
Europe (Germany / France etc) - 15 to 20 days
Japan Express - 5 to 10 days
Japan Regular - 10 to 14 days

For any questions please contact us
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