Bearings 1x3x1mm General Grade (pack of 10)


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(pack of 10)

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Bore 1mm
Diameter 3mm
Width 1mm
Specification 681
RPM < 1,000
Tolerances ± 0.05mm
# in pack 10 bearings
Weight 0.005 g
Material Hardened bearing Steel

Bearings 1x3x1mm General Grade
Bearing Steel Grade: Hardened Bearing Steel
Tolerances Level: GB basic level (Dimensional accuracy greater than ± 0.05mm)
Recommended Speed: Less than 1,000rpm (low speed)
Designed for low demand environments such as low-speed transmission equipment, general toys, low speed geardrives and gearboxes. Best for any non critical environment where smooth rotational ability is necessary. These bearings have the lowest dimensional accuracy of all 131 bearings and are therefore suited to low RPM applications. This is the grade of bearing sold by most eBay sellers.