Charger Lipo 375Mah Variable With JST Connector


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Charger rate 25 – 375
Connector JST
Power supply 5V USB


This variable charger can be set to charge at the following mah rates by adjusting the Dip switches. The LED glows red while it is charging and then turns blue when the battery is fully charged.

To supply power to the unit you can use any Android phone charger with the same connector as shown in the second image above.

The various charging values for each dip switch are printed on the circuit board.

Charge rates which can be set with the Dip switches
25 Mah
50 Mah
75 Mah
100 Mah
125 Mah
150 Mah
175 Mah
200 Mah
225 Mah
250 Mah
275 Mah
300 Mah
325 Mah
350 Mah
375 Mah