Depron Bug V3 Airframe Kit with Motor and Propeller


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Wingspan 39.5cm
Channels 3 (no aileron)
Weight 32 Grams All up flying weight with typical receiver, servos and battery.

Included Components
3mm Depron Airframe
Wooden Fittings
Carbon Pushrods
Control Linkages
Foam Wheels
Geardrive with motor

Needed to Complete
Receiver and Transmitter
Battery and Charger
5320 Type Servos
Glue and workshop tools

Manual Download

This Depron Bug V3 has been totally re-designed from the ground up by MicronWings and is now produced by MicronWings. It features a more classic styling with old style curves, wooden supports and bracing.

Now with a removable 7mm ball raced geardrive and matched 90mm prop, this plane provides excellent flight characteristics at slow speeds as well as being a durable long lasting airframe. It also has a custom designed tall undercarriage which matches well with the retro theme.

Airframe Overview Video
A quick look at the airframe, kit contents and overview of the design features.

Flight Video – Early Morning Flight
A video of the Depron Bug flying outdoors with a few take-offs and landings.

Flight Video – Take-offs and Landings
A video containing just take-offs and landings.

Flight Video – Painted Airframe with Optional Brushless Motor
With a fully painted airframe and brushless motor the flight weight increases by about 4 grams.
This gives slightly faster flying speeds.

Optional Extras
Customise your Depron Bug with these optional components. The optional add-on packs below are designed for builders who want to dress up their Depron Bug and make it a bit special.

Optional Extra – Hardwood Parts
These hardwood parts are cut form antique style dark African Sapele wood and can be used in place of the plywood parts included with the kit to give more classic look. The parts can be sanded down with fine sandpaper and varnished to bring out the dark color and woodgrain.

Optional Extra – Brushless Conversion Kit
Go brushless with this brushless conversion kit. It features a filler section for the body cavity where the brushed motor originally fitted as well as two side pieces with no cut-outs. The motor mount is pre-drilled to accept the D1103 8200kv Brushless motor sold on our website. If you are purchasing this brushless conversion kit along with the Hardwood Parts kit, you will also receive a brushless motor mount part cut from hardwood.

Optional Extra – Black Wheels
Dress up your Depron Bug with the wheel colour of your choice. This set of black wheels can be used instead of the white colour wheels which come standard with the kit.

Design Template for Painting.
Download the PDF file and print it out. The images can be used to design a decoration scheme for your Depron Bug. Sketch outlines and guidelines by hand with pencil first and then colour in with colouring pencils or felt pens as shown in the image below to come up with a design that you like. Then make some templates and trace the design onto the Depron Bug foam parts and paint with water based enamel or colour in with felt pens before building the model.
Design Template Download

An airframe which has been painted with water based acrylic paint using an airbrush. The surface must be prepared first with an ink assist coating. Click on the images below for a larger image. This Depron bug has been built with the addition of the optional extra Hardwood Parts as well as the Optional Extra Brushless Adapter Kit. The colour scheme is a vintage favourite cream colour with dark red trimmings.

This video shows the steps involved in preparing the surfaces and painting the parts.

See links below for this product and other similar surface preparation products.
Can be mixed 50 / 50 with water or window cleaner.

Golden Digital Grounds Mixed Media Set
Digital Ground White (Matte)
Digital Ground Clear (Gloss)

Golden Absorbent Ground (White) 236ml jar

Mont Marte Gesso Primer

Art Spectrum Acrylic Gesso


Liquitex Clear Gessos

Decal Images for Stickers and Tattoo Transfers.
Download the text images below and insert them into a word document for printing. You can print your own decals. The reversed image on the right is for Tattoo transfers.

The Depron Bug is a micro kit version of the J-Bug developed by “Jimmy J-Flyer” on RC Groups.
To find out more on the history of this classic design, take a look at Jimmy’s J-Bug thread.