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Voltage: 2.9V~4.2V (1S Only)
Constant Current: 2.5A
Burst Current: 3A,  (max 5 seconds)
Weight: 0.34 gram
Size:13mm * 11mm

This budget ESC is full of features such as safe start ensuring that the ESC will not arm if the battery is connected while the throttle is above zero. It also has lost signal protection. The ESC will power down over a period of 2 seconds on signal loss and start again once the signal is resumed. It also has a voltage protection mode which disables the ESC if the voltage is not within the range 2.9V and above 4.4V. Block sensing is another feature which greatly reduces power when the motor is stalled such as when the prop is stuck.

This ESC is not able to be programmed or have it’s settings changed with BLHeliS Configurator