ESC Micro 3A


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This ESC produces a gentle but positive startup, and also has a good linear throttle curve. The throttle response is fast and also very reactive good low speeds.

Main Features:
Low voltage protection
Over temperature protection
Throttle signal loss protection
Throttle startup protection.

The maximum supported speeds are
240,000 rpm (2 magnetic poles)
80,000 rpm (6 magnetic poles)
40,000 rpm (12 magnetic poles).

Input voltage: 2.8V-4.2V (Suitable for a 1S lithium battery)
Continuous operating current: 3A
Instantaneous current: 4A (no more than 10 seconds)
BEC output: None

Firmware Version: Turnigy DP 3A
BLHeli Revision: 16.0



Changing ESC Settings
The settings on this ESC can be changed using the BLheli S Configurator.
You can download the configurator from the BLHeli Google Drive
Be sure to download BLHeliSuite – not BLHeliSuite32

Install the BLHeli software (the interface should look like the images shown below)
You will also need a USB Linker card like the one shown in the image below. You can purchase various versions these online but they are all wired up a similar way.

Wire up your ESC and USB linker as shown here.

Connect to the ESC and change settings as necessary.

The image below shows the default settings for this ESC