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Main Features:

  • Equipped with high-speed, small-sized, multifunctional MCU.
  • 5.5 volt BEC to power receiver.
  • Full protection feature including low-voltage protection, over-heat protection, signal lost protection, safe power on protection, and self¬†check functions.
  • Excellent startup performance, great throttle linear and quick throttle response. Excellent low-speed performance.
  • Supported motor speed(max): 240,000RPM(2 poles), 80,000RPM(6 poles) and 40,000(12 poles)
  • Individual power circuit for MCU and BEC to improve anti-interference capability.
  • The parameters of ESC can be configured via program card or transmitter. Program card make setting conveniently and easily.
  • Throttle range can be configured to be compatible with different receivers.
  • Three throttle curve options make helicopter control more flexible.
  • Configuring by transmitter, motor reverse rotation available.
  • Supports one cell Li-XX operation (min voltage: 3V)
  • Supports two cells 7.4 volts


Voltage 3 – 9 volts
BEC 5.5 volts
Max Current 7 Amps
Burst Current 9 Amps
Size 21x12x5mm
Connector Futaba/JR
Weight 4.9grams

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