Gearbox 4mm 7 to 70 Ratio


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Weight 1.3grams
Motor Dia 4mm
Pinion Gear M 0.3 7T
Spur Gear M0.3 70T
Shaft Diameter 1.0mm
Total Length 30mm
Total Height 25mm
Connectors none

A great super lightweight geardrive for indoor slow flyers. This geardrive is perfect for props made from 3K Carbon Twill and can produce up to 9 grams of thrust. The unit is supplied in parts for safe postage and needs to be assembled. It also incorporates a 0.9mm carbon rod mounting hole.

Shown with a 120mm Carbon Prop (not included)
Thrust: 9 grams @ 0.32 Amps

Shown with a 100mm Carbon Prop (not included)
Thrust: 7 grams @ 0.27 Amps

Attaching a 3K Twill Carbon Propeller
To hold the propeller in place we recommend sandwiching it between two parts of a prop adapter
Cut the prop adapter in half.

Support the shaft with pliers and press one part of the prop adapter onto the shaft.
The surface which was cut may be uneven so this surface should face to the spur gear.

Use some glue on the rear and front face of the prop where it contacts with the prop adapter parts.
Then hold the rear prop adapter piece with pliers as you press the front piece on. Once again the surface of the prop adapter which was cut should face away from the prop and toward the front.

The prop attached.

This geardrive comes in parts for safe shipping. Assemble as shown below.
Insert the drive shaft as shown.

Support (hold)the drive shaft with pliers just behind the spur gear as you press it on.
Then move the pliers back as you press it on further.

Finally support the rear of the drive shaft as you press the spur gear on. Press evenly on both sides as close to the middle as possible. Leave enough gap between the gear and the housing that the drive shaft spins freely. Note that you may also need to move the motor forward or back in the housing to also allow the pinion gear on the motor to mesh with the spur gear neatly. The pinion gear on the motor shaft can also be moved back or forward on the shaft as needed.