Gearbox 4mm 8 to 46 Ratio with Connector


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Weight 1.1grams
Motor Dia 4mm
Motor length 12mm
Ohm Rating 7.5Ohms
Motor shaft 4.5mm
Shaft Dia 0.67mm
Drive Shaft Dia 0.76mm
Spur Gear Dia 9.75mm
Spur Gear No 46 tooth
Pinion Gear No 8 tooth
Prop Connector none
Wires 35mm
Total height 15.6mm
Gears Mod0.2
Connector 1.27mm


Propeller Thrust
Propeller 76mm LightWeight 5.7 grams
80mm Carbon Fiber Prop 6.2 grams
100mm Carbon Fiber Prop 7.1 grams
Propeller White 80mm 7.3 grams