Gearbox 6mm Ornithopter


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Modulus 0.3
Pinion Gear 9 Tooth
Spur Gears 40 Teeth
Weight 3.68 grams
Motor 6mm
Motor Ohm 2.3 Ohms
Width 26mm
Length 34mm
Height 28mm

Ornithopter geardrive utilising a 2.3Ohm 6mm motor. The motor is included with the unit. This geardrive is suitable for experimental applications and can be used with either single wings or double (dragonfly style) wings. The bore of the wing strut holes is 1mm and suitable for gluing in 1mm carbon rods. It also has a mounting hole for a 1.5mm square carbon rod.

The rear mounting hole for a 1.5mm square carbon rod.

Suggested wing shape. Span of each wing should be between 80mm to 120mm.

With 1mm carbon rods glued into the supports.


This is the same geardrive used for research by the Biomimetic Millisystems Lab at Berkeley University in California. (website link)

A Video showing the geardrive in action

In slowmotion