Gearbox 7mm Ball Raced 12 to 35 Ratio


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Weight 4.4grams
Motor Dia 7mm
Motor length 20mm
Motor Resist 1.2Ohms
Motor shaft 4.0mm
Motor Shaft 0.97mm
Prop Shaft 0.97mm
Pinion Gear 12 tooth
Spur Gear 35 tooth
Total height 17.0mm
Total Length 28.0mm
Total Width 15.7mm

This geardrive offers powerful performance with a 20mm motor. With a spur gear which has just 35 teeth, it also gives relatively fast prop speeds compared to most other 7mm geardrives. The unit is supplied in parts (un-assembled) so some construction is necessary. The motor is a smooth fit in the housing but it will still require some glue to secure it in place.


MicronWings Test Data
Product-Link Prop Thrust Amps Volts
GWS 4025 EP 43 Grams 2.2 Amps 4.0 Volts
108mm Light-weight 41 Grams 2.0 Amps 4.0 Volts
3030 Bullnose Prop 31 Grams 1.8 Amps 4.0 Volts
80mm White Prop 31 Grams 1.6 Amps 4.0 Volts
75mm Fixed Spinner 22 Grams 1.3 Amps 4.0 Volts

Note: The GWS 4025 EP and 108mm Light-weight propellers pulling above 2 amps should only be run at full throttle for 5 second bursts. Overheating the motor will cause it to lose efficiency and power until it cools down.