Gearbox 7mm Ball Raced


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Weight 3.45grams
Motor Dia 7mm
Motor length 16mm
Motor shaft 4.5mm
Shaft Dia 0.95mm
Gear Dia 14.9mm
Prop Connector none
Wires 50mm
Total height 15.25mm
Gears Mod0.3

A beautifully designed gearbox! It uses two 3mm ball raced bearings to support the shaft at the front and rear of the housing. The bearings are seated into the plastic housing but are removable and able to be replaced if when needed. This feature alone results in very smooth and free running with minimal power loss through the whole drive system. The motor is a 1.7ohm rated 7mm pager motor. Note that although this ball raced system gives great performance, the bearings will need to be replaced from time to time as they wear out.

Mounting is made easy with three rear facing shaft mounting holes. The first one below the drive shaft is 1.45mm diameter. The other holes are to either side of the motor and these are also 1.45mm Diameter. The motor and drive shaft can also be inserted in reverse bringing the mounting plate to the front.

The larger gear is removed for safe postage. To attach it simply support the rear of the shaft on the edge of a bench and press the grear on to the shaft.

MicronWings Test Data
Product-Link Prop Thrust – 3.7 Volts Thrust – 4.0 Volts Thrust – 4.2 Volts
75mm With Fixed Spinner 12.5 grams 14.0 grams 15.3 grams
GWS 4025 29.2 grams 33.1 grams 35.5 grams
90mm e-Prop 28 grams 32 grams 34 grams
GWS 4040 23.7 grams 26.8 grams 28.1 grams
108mm Light Weight 29.1 grams 31.4 grams 33.4 grams