Gearbox 7mm Carbon Rod Base Mounts


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This unique design features two removable carbon rods, allowing this geardrive to be base mounted. The carbon rods can be glued onto a base plate on the airframe. They can also be removed to use the hole in the rear of the casing to mount it to a 2mm square carbon rod.

Note: This geardrive has a 1.5mm shaft so make sure you also purchase a 1.5mm prop adaspter or saver.


Weight 4,8grams
Motor Dia 7mm
Motor length 20mm
Motor shaft 0.8mm
Gear Dia 14.8mm
Prop Shaft 1.5mm
Wires 100mm
Connectors none
MicronWings Test Data
Product-Link Prop Thrust
90mm prop 21 grams @ 0.64 Amps
GWS 4025 30 grams @ 0.97 Amps
GWS 4040 35 grams @ 1.54 Amps
GWS 4540 52 grams @ 1.7 Amps
GWS 5030 58 grams @ 1.75 Amps