Gearbox 7mm Twin Drive Horizontally Opposed Base Mount


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Weight (grams) 6.2
Motor Dia 7mm
Motor length 16.5mm
Total height 14.6mm
Drive Shaft Dia 1.0mm
Spur Gear Dia 14.6mm
Spur Gear No 48 tooth
Pinion Gear No 9 tooth
Prop Connector none
Wires 45mm
Gears Mod0.3

A great low profile twin motor. This motor can be mounted horizontally or vertically and the base plate is offset by 2mm from the centreline to accommodate the main drive shaft.

Shown here the geardrive is mounted vertically with one motor above and the other motor hanging down below (not able to be seen).

Prop Saver – Prop Saver for 1mm Shaft

Propeller – 140mm Plastic