Gearbox 7mm


9.90 AUD

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Weight 3.90grams
Motor Dia 7mm
Motor length 16.56mm
Motor shaft 4.2mm
Shaft Dia 0.97mm
Gear Dia 14.5mm
Prop Shaft 0.97mm
Wires 80mm
Total height 20.5mm
Connectors none

This motor / gearbox combo has a good solid construction with mod.3 gears. It has a 2mm square mounting hole in the rear of the case directly below the shaft. The brass bearings press into the plastic frame and are recessed 3mm to ensure they press in straight. The prop shaft has a burred surface on one end to allow a prop with a 1mm bore to be pressed directly onto the shaft and grip well. The motor is rated at 1.7 Ohms.

The unit comes disassembled for safe postage and it’s just a simple process of putting the brass bearings in and then inserting the shaft. The gear and keeper at the rear. Simply push on as shown in the photos above.