Gearbox 8.5mm White Housing


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Weight 6.1grams
Motor Dia 8.47mm
Motor length 19.5mm
Prop Shaft Dia 1.05mm
Spur Gear Dia 14.5mm
Wires 120mm
Total height 20.6mm
Connectors none

With an 8.5mm motor, this gearbox gives solid performance and thrust. The basic weight saving design has no wings or mounts. Instead the unit is stick mounted using the 2mm square mounting hole on the rear of the housing just below the drive shaft. The motor rating is 1.2Ohm.

The unit is supplied with the main spur gear removed for safe postage. Simply press the gear back onto the shaft with a small gap to allow the drive shaft to spin freely.

Testing Voltage 4.0 Volts (300mah 30C NanoTech Battery)
Thrust Amps Notes
140mm Plastic 76 grams 3.4 Amps
Running at full throttle for longer than 10 seconds can overheat the motor. Use full power in bursts only.

Using these Geardrives and prop combinations will usually require a separate brushed ESC as most receivers with a built in ESC can only supply up to 2 Amps.Reccomended Battery: 300mah 30C or greater
GWS 5043 Prop 74 grams 3.1 Amps
GWS 5030 TriBlade 72 grams 2.8 Amps
GWS 5030 Prop 65 grams 2.7 Amps