Gearbox AEO-6



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Weight 2.14grams
Motor Dia 6mm
Motor length 14mm
Motor shaft 5mm
Shaft Dia 0.8mm
Gear Dia 9mm
Prop Connector 4mm
Wires 95mm
Total height 12mm

This motor / gearbox combo from AEO gives great performance with a GWS 4025 prop attached. It’s perfect for all your sub 20 gram projects. The solid 4.5 mm wide plastic housing has 2 anchor holes where it can be fixed with a screw to a bulkhead. An interesting part of the design is that the holes in the gear line up quite well with the anchor holes meaning you can access the screw heads through these holes with a fine screw driver.

The unit stands 12mm high from bottom to top and the overall length from the back of the engine to the front of the prop adapter is 33mm. The shaft extends 13mm out past the front face of the gear. There is also a larger 1mm hole at the very top extending through the 4.5mm casing allowing the motor to be glued to a 1mm carbon rod. This is an alternate method of mounting the motor.

With a GWS 4025 prop attached, manufacturer’s specifications state that the unit should produce 13 grams of thrust at just 0.5 amps on a 3.7volt 1s cell.

Prop Volts Amps Watts RPM Pitch Speed(m/s) Thrust (g) Thrust (oz) Efficiency(g/W) Efficiency(oz/W)
GWS 4025
  3.5 0.50 1.75     13 0.46 7.43 0.26
  4 0.55 2.2     16 0.56 7.27 0.26
  4.2 0.60 2.52     18 0.63 7.14 0.25