Motor D1103 8200kv Brushless


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Length 16.2mm
Can Diameter 13.7mm
Weight 3.3 grams
KV 8500kv
Shaft 1.5mm
Voltage 1S 3.7V
Lead length 60mm
1 x Motor
1 x Motor mount
4 x Motor mount screws
4 x Mounting screws

This motor provides a very good thrust to weight ratio. It is rated for 1S (3.7 volts) only and supplied with the motor mount detached. You will need a fine tip screwdriver for the screws that attach the mount.

MicronWings Test Data
Prop Thrust ESC Volts
GWS 2510 EP 26 Grams 3A 1S ESC 4.0 Volts
GWS 3020 EP 36 Grams 3A 1S ESC 4.0 Volts
90mm EP 34 Grams 3A 1S ESC 4.0 Volts
80mm White Prop 33 Grams 3A 1S ESC 4.0 Volts
GWS 4025 EP 45 Grams 7A 1S ESC 4.0 Volts

When using the three props shown below with this motor,
you will need to drill out the prop bore to 1.4mm.