Receiver MA-RX42-D DSMX Brushed 5A ESC


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Band DSMX/2
Voltage 1S (3.7V)
Weight 0.9 grams
Length 19mm
Width 12mm
Height 6mm
Channels 4 Ch
Onboard ESC 5 Amp

This is the updated version MA-RX42-D receiver with V2.0 Firmware. It has a smaller size and weighs just 0.9 grams without the battery connector (1.45 grams with connector). It also features a 5 Amp onboard brushed ESC.

  • Working Voltage:3.0~5.0V
  • Built-in brushed ESC 5A/1S with Lock Starting function
  • Supports brushless motors via the Ch1 Throttle port
  • Enhanced binding functionality for DSMX and DSM2

The receiver will enter bind mode automatically 15 seconds after the battery is connected and the LED will blink rapidly. The receiver can then be bound according to your transmitters bind functionality.

Start Lock Function
This prevents the onboard brushed motor from starting accidently. When power is first supplied to the receiver, the throttle needs to be lowered to zero for 2 seconds before the motor arms.