Receiver MA-RX62HE FrSky D16 Telem Brushless 7A 2S ESC


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(Telemetry Version)

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Modulation FRSky D16
Length 24mm
Width 16mm
Height 7mm
Weight 2.0 grams
Connector JST SH
ESC 7 Amp 2S
Voltage 2S – 7.4-11.1
Channels 6

This receiver can be powered by 2S – 3S (7.4 volt to 11.1 volt) batteries. However, we recommend using a 2S battery. It has an on-board 7Amp 2S brushless ESC and SMD holes in the board suiting either of the two included connectors. Alternatively, motor wires can be soldered directory to the board.

It also has on-board step down voltage and supplies 3.9 volts to the servo ports allowing 1S servos such as the common 5320, 5330 and linear servos to be used.
This D16 version supports telemetry and can be used with any FRSky transmitter which supports the D16 protocol. The latest transmitters from FRSky which use the ACCESS protocol can also bind to this receiver under D16 mode.

Dual Aileron Mode
By bridging the pads underneath the board marked “P” the Aux2 port will function as the second aileron port making dual aileron setup very easy with no transmitter programming necessary.

Connect the battery to the receiver and after 15 seconds the LED will blink fast. Then turn on your transmitter and put it into bind mode to complete the bind process.

Telemetry Function
This receiver is capable of sending back telemetry information to the transmitter. Signal Strength (RSSI), Battery Voltage (being supplied to the receiver) and Temperature Data can be sent back. Please note that typically telemetry reception distance is not as great as the receiver’s maximum range distance.