Receiver MXL-RX62E-F1 FrSky D8 Telem 5A ESC


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Super small: 24.3*32.2*7.8mm (not including antenna)
Super light: 4.28g including power cable
Working voltage: 3.0~5.0V
Supports dual ailerons servo mode (reversed phase)
With Built-in 5A/1S brushless ESC
Auto binding
Version D and F2 supports TELEM function

Auto binding operation:
It is a bit difficult to press the binding button when the receiver is installed inside the fuselage, in this case, we developed auto binding function. After the receiver is powered for 15 seconds and there is no signal from the transmitter, the receiver will enter auto binding mode (the slow flashing LED light turns to fast a blinking light), You can complete the binding operation according to your transmitter’s instructions.

This receiver can be programmed with this Receiver Programming Tool

TELEM function:
TELEM function is useful to monitor battery voltage, receiver working voltage and its signal strength as well as its working temperature in real time, through which you can get the working state of receiver and battery discharging state under control, so flying out of control range and over discharging will rarely happen.