Servo Linear Origin Mi-LSM 1300S


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Type Digital
Application Ultra micro
Torque 35g /4.2V
Speed 0.12s /4.2V
Length 17.8mm
Width 16mm
Height 8mm
Weight 1.48grams
Gear Type Nylon
Connector JST SH Nano
Lead Length 60mm
Stroke 8mm
Voltage 3.0 – 4.2V

The Mi-LSM 1300S micro linear servo from Origin is a well built digital micro servo. it has good access to where the connector wires are soldered on to the board so it can easily have the wires swapped to suit your particular receiver inut. Please note the polarity of the JST SH micro connector. With a stroke of 8mm and weighing just 1.48 grams with the connector lead this servo is perfect for sub micro applications.