Shaft 1.0mm Dia x 78mm (Pack of 5)


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(pack of 5)

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Length 78mm
Diameter 1.0mm
Weight 0.46g/ea
Shaft Stainless
No in pack 5 shafts

These extra long shafts have a diameter of exactly 1.0mm. They feature a 7mm long burred section at one end which is set back 7mm from the end of the shaft. At the other end they have a crimped section which is 3mm long set back 1mm from the end of the shaft. A good choice for custom made geardrive projects or to be cut down to the length you need.

Note: Brass bearings with a 1mm inside bore will not fit on this shaft. Neither will 1x3x1mm ball bearings or brass prop savers with a 1mm bore. Props and gears with a 1mm bore or 0.97mm bore will fit but they need to be pressed on quite firmly.