Silicone Tube 1mm x 2mm


5.70 AUD

(per linear meter)

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Outside Diameter 2.0mm
Inside Diameter 1.0mm
Material Silicon

Soft and flexible silicone tube.
This tube can be used to join carbon rods to make airframe structures.

In-Line Joints – This silicone tube is suitable for in-line joints with carbon rods from 0.6mm to 0.8mm in diameter.

In-Line Joint – using 0.8mm carbon rods

T Joint – using 1mm carbon rods
(suitable for rods 1mm to 1.2mm in diameter)

Cross Joint – Using 1mm carbon rods
(In this type of joint one carbon rod passes behind the other)
(suitable for 1mm rods only)

Cross Joint Combined – using 0.8mm carbon rods
(In this type of joint both carbon rods pass through the inner hole of the silicone tube)
(suitable for rods 0.5mm to 0.8mm in diameter)