Wheels Foam 18mm (pack of 3)


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(pack of 3)

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Diameter 18 mm
Hub Diameter 9.3 mm
Tyre Thickness 10 mm
Hub Thickness 10.25 mm
Hub Bore 2.4 mm
Weight (each) 0.63 g
Number in pack 3 wheels

These authentic looking wheels are a great accessory for any plane. The tyres are made of soft foam which is quite spongy and gives well when weight is applied to the wheel. The black foam part is removable from the hub as well.

One advantage with this tyre is it’s thickness with a width of about 10mm. This means that they are directionally stable and therefore spin well on the hub. The bore in the hub however is quite large at 2.4mm so it may be advisable to put a sleeve inside them if you intend to use 0.35mm piano wire for your undercarriage.